Every product you buy contains instructions for use. Check them carefully and follow them. Beyond these instructions, you can also follow some best practices when using current CBD products.

Use the topical only if your skin is dry and clean. This will allow your skin to completely absorb CBD. Avoid using CBD before participating in activities where the topicals may disappear from the water or sweat. This can include showers, swimming or sports.

Then select the area you want to process. In case of skin problems or pain, apply to the affected area. For general relaxation, you can use CBD anywhere. Or choose areas such as joints, wrists, shoulders, neck or feet that will benefit more from the massage (to enhance the effect).

First, clean and dry the area to avoid rubbing bacteria with which it came into contact during the day. The cleaning will also remove any other skin care products or lotions you have used.

You may want to even apply multiple times. Rub the topicals vigorously over your skin (not painfully, but in a way that actually transfers the subject to the top layer of your skin).

Wash and dry hands after application.

In general, you should feel the effect of CBD pretty quickly within 5 to 20 minutes. Your pain should subside and you should generally feel more relaxed. For skin problems, the CBD takes longer to develop its magic.