The US Farm Bill has now passed a law. The US Farm Bill is the US federal government’s main agricultural and food policy tool. From now on, American farmers can grow and harvest hemp because hemp is now an agricultural product.
“The era of hemp prohibition is over,” said Jonathan Miller, advocate for a lobby coalition of over 60 han companies, the US Hemp Roundtable, to the press.
The amendment is also important for scientists, as the previous drug laws discouraged them from studying hemp.
Hemp legalization: Further action by DEA is unclear
According to experts, the change in legislation could also increase interest in CBD. After all, hemp is an important source of non-psychoactive cannabinoid. In the media, it is said that CBD is emerging in more and more products, from coffee and tea to nutritional supplements and beverages.
Since CBD can be extracted from the cannabis plants, the legal status established by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) remains unclear. Cannabis CBD remains illegal as well as cannabis altogether. But now that hemp is legal, CBD could be legal.