There are many different ways to take CBD. The 4 most common ways are sublingual(tincture), ingestibles (capsules, edibles), inhalants (vaping/smoking), and topical (lotions/creams, salve/balms).

The best way to take it is the way that most directly applies to the issue you are using it for. Different methods will preferentially interact with more, or less of the CB1 and CB2 receptors. For instance, a person using CBD for migraines isn’t going to want to use a topical CBD product like a lotion on their skin, whereas a person using CBD for eczema likely would use a topical product.

There is also variance for the onset and duration of effects, as well as variance in bioavailability (how much CBD your body actually absorbs) from CBD depending on which way you take it. Inhalants have the quickest onset, but the shortest duration, as well as the highest bioavailability (up to ~60%). Ingestibles have the slowest onset because it has to go through the process of digestion before it is absorbed, but that also results in the longest duration, however the bioavailability ranges from ~5-12%. Sublingual is right in the middle, CBD is absorbed relatively quickly through the mucous membrane in the mouth, and then the remaining amount you swallow, so you have a moderately quick onset, as well as longer duration from the remaining CBD that you swallowed, with bioavailability up to ~30%. Topical products can vary depending on the carrier oil used, if it absorbs quickly into the skin, the quicker the onset will be, whereas a heavier topical that doesn’t absorb quickly will have a slower onset.

You can also use any combination of methods simultaneously to suit your individual needs. For example, you can use a vape product for the quick onset, and then take a gummy for the longer duration.

It comes down to the consumers personal preferences and tastes, as we are all very unique and all like different things!! We personally recommend tinctures as they seem to constantly be our top seller and support most our consumers with the best results! There is no wrong way in taking cannabidiol whatever seems to suit you the most effective is fine!

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