EV Naturals is a family owned business located in Parma Ohio! We started EV Naturals after single handily seeing the true impact CBD can have on ones life! Our main goal is to help individuals with their everyday lives and make things ultimately a little easier by providing them with the highest quality products on the market! We know the industry has become infested with many skeptical brands, and sadly without any regulation in the industry theirs nothing we can do besides inform consumers on these problems and shop from a safe CBD shop

We do our best to produce the highest quality products as well as set the standards for other brands in the Industry. We also do our best to answer any specific question you have or even just a simple question. Knowledge is the key and we go above and beyond to educate consumers on the products as well as common cannabidiol information! If you have any question relating to CBD or cannabinoids we will do our absolute best to answer them. Feel free to give us a call at anytime (440) 857-0262 or stop in at our storefront at 1765 Snow Rd. Parma OH

We also hold CBD information classes at our store front every Wednesday at 6pm! Stop by and learn more about how CBD interacts within your body!


Phone: (440) 857-0262

Store Location: 1765 Snow Rd, Parma, OH 4413

Store Hours : Monday- Friday 10AM–9PM Sunday 11AM–6PM